About the “Boss”

Few people have the energy, motivation, and speaking skills to make taking control of your financial destiny as enjoyable as Fred Rewey.

With live presentations comprised of equal parts empowerment, education, and entertainment, Fred Rewey is one the most sought after speakers in the last decade.

His most recent project is right here… Fire Your Boss! (What the Heck is Fire Your Boss?).

Fred’s book, Winning the Cash Flow War, quickly became one of the best books available on personal finance. Winning the Cash Flow War provided people with the tools and knowledge they needed to take back their financial lives.

Don’t be surprised if Fred pulls up to your next event on a Harley-Davidson. He does things his own way, with straight talk; and people love him for it.

Learn from Fred (aka “Godfadr”)  how to break the cycle and be one of the few individuals who live financially secure (and have fun doing it!).

Oh, and where did the “Godfadr” nickname come from? Well, you have to catch Fred in person for that story…

Contact Fred via email: info@FireYourBoss.com