The Secret to Not Getting to Page 1 On Google Search.

I couldn’t resist divulging the secrets to making money online and making it to number one on Google – or, more specifically, NOT to number one.

I mean, it is one of the most asked questions, “how can I get on the first page of a Google search. Yet, no one really wants to hear the answer – there are just too many appealing shortcuts.

So, instead of focusing on all the things that you need to do to get some Google love and show up higher in the rankings, let’s talk about what WON’T get you very high up in Google…

Stealing Other People’s Stuff

You can call it a fancy “Article Spinner” all you want. Did you write the material? Nope. Is it anywhere near your voice or style? Nope. Can Google see right through the four words you changed and tried to make it your own? Yep.

They sure sound like a good idea, but you may find it quicker, and much more effective if you just write the stuff yourself.

Writing Crap Content

You know who you are. One day you write about the latest shiny object, the next day you write about…well, another shiny object. All the while loading it up with some affiliate links in hopes of the big payday someone told you about.

Load up a site with nothing more than links to affiliate sites and you will not have to worry about being burdened by staying on page one of Google….you will never make it there for more than a day, if that.

“Flash” Should be Left to the Superheroes

If you are loading up Flash type files on your site, don’t worry; Google has made some big improvements in finding you (and reading your SWF file). Course, most people on your site have probably already moved on.

If someone wanted movies they would have been on Netflix. Save the Flash Programming for the Spike Lee awards.

Take My PLR…Please

PLR, or Private Label Rights, have some awfully tempting shortcuts. I mean who can resist buying 7 bazillion ready-to-go articles for your website? Two Words…Duplicate Content.

Yea, some people will tell you that it is no big deal and that there is duplicate content all over the web – and that is true. But it certainly will not help you get any closer to the first page of Google.  Get some original content already – you know, the kind people want to read.

Cheap Backlinks

Sure, you have seen it. Maybe even purchased them off Fiverr or Odesk. “We will deliver you 10 Gazillion Backlinks to your website for $2.00.” The fact of the matter is that Google doesn’t hate these as much as you just wasted the $2.00 you could have saved for a McRib sandwich.

Look, it is the quality of the backlinks that matter. A single (real) backlink from a quality site is worth thousands of craplinks (is that a word?…is now!).

Now what?

Well, at least now you have a choice. Stick to the plan above and maybe you can make it to the last page of Google.

Start putting into play some real content geared towards really helping readers…well, maybe, just maybe, you will be on page one with the big boys.


8 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools for Making Money Online

With a dizzying array of shiny objects out there to choose from, how does an Internet Marketer know which tools they should use for making money online?

Here is a “short” list of must haves if you are trying to market your business or product on the Internet.

The Internet Marketing Tools I Use For Making Money Online

WordPress + StudioPress

I don’t think many people will deny the Google friendly power of a WordPress fueled website. Not to mention the fact that it is easy to add new posts and pages.

Skip the “free” WordPress themes and skip hiring the kid down the street wearing a helmet. Let’s not create something that looks like everyone else right out of the gate if we don’t have to.

Get your own hosting account. Why? Because if you go the free route with WordPress, you will be limited from using some bells and whistles I know you are going to want down the road. Hosting is only around $10 a month – so it won’t cut into your Diet Pepsi budget.

As for choosing a theme, I highly recommend you start with StudioPress. They have some great themes and the support board is off the charts helpful! It is like having your own programmers on standby to help you out. Most of your answers will already be on the board somewhere – if not, you can always add your own post.

Special Note: Grab the “Full” version that gets you all themes. You can thank me later.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Want your friends to think you are an SEO ninja? Ditch the old All-in-One SEO and grab this new WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

You may already know about H1’s and H2’s, Keyword density, blah, blah, blah. I mean really. Who has the time?!

Well, you better have the time (or pay someone to do it for you). Why spend all that effort getting a site together only to have it win at a game of hide and seek?

Frankly, I hate doing the SEO stuff (my wife is the SEO Diva) but with the Yoast [insert wicked smart guy here] Plugin I can, easily, get most of the way there.

I love that it tells me specifically what I am missing (and what to do about it).

Takes a bit to set up, but well worth it! (Oh and did I mention it is a Free plugin?)

Internet Marketing Graphics Toolkit

I would love to have a full time graphics designer on hand to make cool headlines and images at my beck and call – oh yea, and I don’t want to pay them.

As much as I love playing around in Photoshop, it just doesn’t pay for exotic vacations. I would have given my eyeteeth to find this Marketing Graphics Toolkit sooner.

Max Rylski created a toolkit full of ready-to-use headlines, graphics, you name it. And here is the kicker…he sold it for under $10.00.

We are talking PSD, JPG, and PNG files  – the whole bit! This package has literally saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I also signed up for his monthly program, but you don’t have to. Seriously, just grab the starter package!

I can’t promise he still has the package available by the time you are reading this, but if it is, here is where I picked it up.

Sharebar or Sexy Bookmarks Plugin

Hey, you might be surprised how many people share your stuff  (and I am not talking about your late night karaoke fest captured on an iPhone). Just give your visitors an easy way to pass the message on to friends and loved ones.

Sexy Bookmarks is the easier of the two to use, but lately, I tend to lean towards Sharebar (as long as it fits into the theme).

Sharebar has some nice counter features as well as allows for custom coding (like adding Google+ for example).

Whichever you use, don’t go overboard. Pick a few hot share techniques and move on (you don’t need to list them all). I tend to stick with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, and StumbleUpon. But hey, you decide what is best for you.


Kajabi is the 800-pound gorilla the big boys use for product launches and membership sites. But here is what most people don’t know…

You don’t have to be selling a $2000 program to make Kajabi feasible. I have a couple programs under $100 and it works out great!

With a solid help desk and new features coming online all the time, Kajabi has become a serious option for Internet Marketers.

It has great looking sales funnels, ability to capture names/leads, and a kick ass social interaction membership section for your buyers.

I have also seen people pitching affiliate type stuff or even providing a free membership site – so use your imagination.

If you want more tips on using this Internet marketing program check out my Kajabi Reviews site.  As a user and original beta tester I’ll admit to being a bit biased but I also provide suggestions for lower budget Kajabi alternatives.

Deposit Photos

Quit snagging photos off the Internet hoping you don’t get caught. It is not fair to the people that are supposed to be getting paid for them.

Deposit Photos runs roughly $ .50 a photo  – so it won’t break the bank.

Sure there are some other sources out there, but many of them are getting pretty pricey. Bring back the old days when we could just buy a disk full of photos and use them all we want!

Easy Video Player (EVP)

Stop limiting your video playing abilities because you only know how to embed YouTube.

Why? The YouTube technique (although an easy and fun way to share) eventually takes traffic off your site.

Easy Video Player is well…easy. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with your Amazon S3 account (which only costs pennies), it has a nifty plugin for WordPress.

Once active, you have a TON of cool features that go well beyond choosing the color of your player. Embed html or links at the end of the video to take someone to your sales page. Add watermarks or even track how well the video performs for conversions.

Having wrestled with the pros and cons of numerous so-called “bolt-on” video players, I think EVP is the best by far for making money online.

Email Marketing Service

Look, if you are getting traffic then you HAVE to start capturing some names. Think of it as college and going home from the bar without phone numbers (loser)!

There are many out there and it all depends upon what you want to do. For simplicity, Aweber is a solid choice. IContact and Infustionsoft are also some good alternatives.

MailChimp has a free version, but I hate the name.  Plus you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want auto-responders (at least at the time of this writing) so you might as well spring for Aweber or one of the others.

Each of them will enable you to run double opt-in lists. – Yes, you should be doing double opt-in 99% of the time (especially if you don’t want to get blacklisted).

The fact of the matter is that people are going to click the SPAM button even though they double opted-in (the bastards)! With double opt-in, you are protected because there is proof.

Whomever you use, check out things like split testing subject lines, sending to non-opens, and try using a variety of widgets. [Hint: The key to making money online is having a list and building a relationship with people].

What Else?

Yea, I know there’s a host of other must have Internet Marketing Tools – but I had to cut this list to my top eight.

Think something else should be on the list when it comes to building a real online business and making money online? Have an example of a great site using these techniques you think we should look at?

Just leave a comment below!

Want to Make Money Online? Being Smart Sucks!

Being Smart Sucks.

I really feel there are basically two types of people that try to make money online.

1.     People that are smart and

2.     People that are…well…not-so-smart.

The next question is “which one will be successful?” Well, they both have their challenges but it is important to know which one you are…

First off, the not-so-smart person tends to chase every shiny object out there…

“What? I can make $3.4 million dollars in my sleep if I just resell a crappy $7 PLR book 485,715 times. Why that is only selling less than one book per minute – this going to be easy!”

Dream on “short bus” rider.

I hate to break the news to you, but here it goes (you might want to put on your helmet for this).

Nobody makes money that way. Except the guy that sold you the $7 PLR in the first place. Go find something that will require you do a bit of work, and you might be on the right track to finding a home-based business that actually has money coming in.

The “Smart” people are smiling right now. Well, put down the double macchiato and listen up.

You are just as lost when you fall for the LOOOOOOOONG sales page. Being the intellectual type, you are almost easier to sway. When the sales page has really long copy (I mean just short of Atlas Shrugged kind of copy) you think the opportunity must be real. “

“If it wasn’t a real online money-making opportunity, then how could they possibly write this much. And look, there are screenshots of checks and Clickbank accounts; all from a home-based business!”

Please Poindexter. You don’t think these guys have Photoshop and can make it look like whatever they want? They can…and do – just to appease the people that need “proof.”

That said, the other issue the “smart” person runs into is just outright over analysis. At some point you have to pull the trigger already. Save that brain power for making changes later – but don’t let it stop you from never taking action. You will never be 100% ready – get over it.

No matter which category you are in, you both have a positive attribute.

The not-so-smart people are not afraid to jump in early and take risks. The smart people are, well, smart – at least from a business perspective.

Either one can make money online; just make sure you avoid the traps on the path to starting your own business.

Why You Failed in 2010 and 7 Ways to Make 2011 Different.

Sure, 2010 sucked. The economy sucked. The housing market was lousy. And jobs became tougher to find.

You thought 2010 was your year to break out on your own. Create your own business – an online empire that would yield you income and financial freedom.

But then American Idol had a special, you had to find out what happened on the last season of Lost (and blog about it), and, what is that?… Sarah Palin has a reality show?

Frankly, you blew the year with distractions.

It is easy to do…I mean…distractions are so…well… distracting.

It is so much easier to chat about how Obama is some secret plant by the Soviets sent to destroy America or how Starbucks is adding stuff to their coffee to make people want to buy an accompanying muffin.

Hey, those are much better topics because, frankly, who the hell wants to look within for reasons of not accomplishing your goals?

Dare to peek into the looking glass? Then read on…

Here are the Top 7 reasons 2010 sucked and how you can change all that for 2011.

1.     Get Real – Quit cutting corners looking for some get-rich-quick program or new money-making shiny object with instant riches. There are plenty of ways to be successful but, guess what, they all will take work. Plan on learning about something in 2011. I mean really doing your homework – not just buy some box of CD’s that will sit by your front door until you sell them on eBay six months later.

2.     Email Sucks – If someone sends you any email that says, “Make $1293.23 in two days,” delete it….FAST. Stop reading that crap. Those guys make money by selling the concept of making money. Period. That is it. Do you REALLY think some seven-year-old discovered the secrets of Google and made $10 million dollars on Adsense in her sleep? Get Real and just stick to reading emails from your kid (unless that is who is sending them to you).

3.     Stop doing “work” and start getting results. It is easy to do busy work. Lots of stuff that, at the end of the day, didn’t earn you a dime but feels like you did something. Pretty logo’s, business cards, cute names for your company, color-perfect websites. Before any task, ask yourself, “Will this make me money?” If you can’t answer a big “yes,” in the short term…move on to something that will.

4.     Set a real deadline already. Quit saying something is “in the works” or it will forever be in the works.  When will it be done? Set a deadline (and actual date and time) and tell friends to kick you in the ass if you don’t meet it.

5.     Quit Bitching You Big Baby– The world owes you nothing. Life Sucks…get a helmet. Either do something or don’t do something. But don’t make up a million excuses “why” you couldn’t do something. Some people spend more time making excuses than it would have taken to use that same amount of time to just do the damn thing. Just do it already or quit whining about it.

6.     Stop Twittering, Facebooking, and playing Farmville. – That huge sucking sound in the background when you fire up Facebook is the sound of your life going down the drain. You are not a real farmer and you are not “keeping in touch with your friends” – you are maintaining a narcissistic website all about you (and that is ok if you are a Diva with nothing better to do). Don’t make excuses that social media is anything other than that. Want to talk to a friend? Pick up the frigging phone and call them – it probably automatically forwards to their Facebook account anyway.

7.     Admit that several of these things apply to YOU. I did. It is easy to read this and say, “heck yes, those people are idiots!” In reality, you are probably one of them. Hell, we all are.

So… the best advice I could give that would be all encompassing and get 2011 back on track to your goals…. “Stop it already.”

I hope you have a great 2011. If you don’t, it is probably your own fault.

How to Stay Motivated

One of the most difficult things to do when starting a new venture is stay motivated. We usually have no trouble getting excited about things initially, but once it actually begins becoming work – we find ourselves easily distracted.

I have seen some of the most unlikely success stories come out of extraordinary circumstances. People that were battling education issues, geographical issues, even physical or emotional issues have become formidable professionals in the industry. Conversely, I have seen some of the most talented and educated people not quite break into a higher level. So, if I were forced to pick what separates these people and I had to reduce it to one element, I would have to say it is “motivation.”

I have to say; with proper motivation (commitment, drive, and never-take-no-for-an-answer mentality), almost anything can be accomplished. It is interesting that most people really don’t know what motivates them. What motivates you? You should be able to answer that question right away without significant thought. But realistically, lots of us really don’t know what motivates us, or we think in terms of goals that are too extensive. Continue reading “How to Stay Motivated”