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The Secret to Not Getting to Page 1 On Google Search.

I couldn’t resist divulging the secrets to making money online and making it to number one on Google – or, more specifically, NOT to number one. I mean, it is one of the most asked questions, “how can I get on the first page of a Google search. Yet, no one really wants to hear […]


8 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools for Making Money Online

With a dizzying array of shiny objects out there to choose from, how does an Internet Marketer know which tools they should use for making money online? Here is a “short” list of must haves if you are trying to market your business or product on the Internet. The Internet Marketing Tools I Use For […]


Want to Make Money Online? Being Smart Sucks!

Being Smart Sucks. I really feel there are basically two types of people that try to make money online. 1.     People that are smart and 2.     People that are…well…not-so-smart. The next question is “which one will be successful?” Well, they both have their challenges but it is important to know which one you are… First […]


Why You Failed in 2010 and 7 Ways to Make 2011 Different.

Sure, 2010 sucked. The economy sucked. The housing market was lousy. And jobs became tougher to find. You thought 2010 was your year to break out on your own. Create your own business – an online empire that would yield you income and financial freedom. But then American Idol had a special, you had to […]


How to Stay Motivated

One of the most difficult things to do when starting a new venture is stay motivated. We usually have no trouble getting excited about things initially, but once it actually begins becoming work – we find ourselves easily distracted. I have seen some of the most unlikely success stories come out of extraordinary circumstances. People […]