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Good Credit Score: 720 is the New 680

It is going to take a bit more in the good credit score rating department to get those great loan rates you see at banks and auto dealers. Credit agencies that report your credit also have a “number” assigned to your status. This provides lenders an ultra quick snapshot at your credit worthiness. As of […]


Banks Profit But Still Not Lending Money?

Ok, what is the deal? Banks are announcing great earnings yet the average Joe (or Joanne) can’t seem to get a loan let alone Fire Your Boss. Here is the deal… For starters, make no mistake; banks did take a big hit during this whole economic downturn. People missed house payments, stopped paying credit cards, […]


The 10% Savings Rule

Sometimes I think the simplest solution is often the best. This is a perfect example of this. In cutting to the point early on, you should always put 10% of the money you bring home into a savings account. But before we focus on whether to save in a CD, IRA’s etc., let’s focus on […]


7 Places to Find More Money

Now that you’re sold on the concept of savings, you’re probably wondering how you can get started quickly. Building up a savings a little bit at a time is always a great method. But sometimes I know we all want to get our savings built up faster. It not only gives you a good starting […]


Which Credit Card Do I Pay off First?

Before you can Fire Your Boss you need to reduce or eliminate all credit card debt. The most common question I get about credit card debt is which card do I pay off first? Some so-called “experts” say it is the card with the biggest monthly payment while other “experts” say it is the smallest […]