Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying?

Excitement and motivation are always at the highest level when first starting a new venture. This is particularly true when starting your own home-based business and get out of the rat race.

I have discovered three areas to keep an eye on to help make sure your path avoids common pitfalls…

1. Avoid Life’s Inertia

You may have already experienced this after starting your business. You set goals with great intentions but find yourself sidetracked by normal day-to-day life situations (work, taking care of the kids, taking care of the spouse, grocery shopping, going out to dinner, etc, etc).

Expect it. Know that it will happen and plan around it. Making a change for the positive is always tough. Making time can sometimes be really tough.

Find some sort of phrase that keeps you going. Mine is “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” from the film Shawshank Redemption. When I think of that, I always put my head down and grind through whatever challenge is in front of me.

2. Plan on Work

One of the first things to realize is that a job at home is no different than performing well in any business – it requires work (who would have thought?).

There is busy work and there is work that has a goal.

Just putting a few words on Facebook and Twitter does not constitute work.  It is just “stuff.” Make sure you have a list in front of you everyday that shows things you need to get done.

Each of these “to do” items should be directly attributable to a way to make money or increase your business. If they are not, you probably should be working on something else.

3. Feeling You Are Not Ready

Let me say this, “You are ready”!

If you are putting off starting because you don’t want to make any mistakes, let me save you the time.

You will make mistakes.  – Learn from them and move on.

Too many people analyze something to death. They stay on the sidelines always needing “one more thing” before they are ready to take the first step (and most NEVER take that step).

I am not suggesting you jump into the deep end right away. I am saying find ways to START. Start anything…small…and adjust from there.


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In 2000 Fred Rewey introduced a radical way of helping people. Being honest, straight forward, and not holding anything back (weird right?). To most people this was refreshing. To others, well, they had reason to hide. Author of Winning the Cash Flow War, Fred (aka "Godfadr") strives to pass on real information in a no nonsense, no BS format. If you can handle the ride and the direct talk...welcome aboard and be sure to get on his private email list

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2 thoughts on “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying?”

  1. Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

  2. Honestly, I’am speechless. The Shawshank Redemption is exceptional. I’am quite young film fanatic, actually, this film come out the same yearI was born, and therefore I am more accustomed movies with incredible special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has zero of that, and still, it appeals me very . The way Frank Darabont uses the narration of Red to drive on the tale, the beauty of the film music applied (note the harmonica used just before Red receiving the letter close to the end). The entire film, from beginning to finish, from actions to sound, is a lighthouse of desire, judgement, and repurchase. The cast is pure, Morgan Freeman(Red) actually brings about a fresh feel to the film, and that’s exactly what the film is, what a movie should be. Highly recommended for every film fan.

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