How Do You Break the Rules?

I had a fascinating conversation with an individual awhile back and they pointed out that my success was because I did things my own way, “breaking the rules,” and took my own path.

They felt I got out of the rat race by ignoring traditional business “rules,” and that others may not be capable of the same path and be able to work from home (or work from anywhere for that matter).

I thought about that for quite some time.

The funny part is, that my successes were obtained not by ignoring the “rules,” but by making sure I knew what they were first.

When I failed at something it was, for the most part, due to taking too many shortcuts. I thought I understood the area I was going into, but I cut corners.

Later I learned that you could cut corners (or “refine your techniques” as experts like to spin it). But only after you know how the game is played and what the end result is suppose to be.

If I wanted to drive across the country, I have to know where I am going to start AND where I want to end.

If I just drive off down the road and start taking random turns I don’t know if they are really getting me to the end quicker or not. Without knowing where I want to end up, I could just make it a longer trip (a lot longer!).

“Rules” are no different than shortcuts. You can break the rules…but you need to learn them first.

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