How To Get Siri and the iPhone 4S To Post On Twitter

Ready to get Siri and the iPhone 4S to work overtime and post to Twitter using only your voice?

As the Amazing Mumford said, “A la peanut butter sandwiches”…Here you go…

Frankly, this really should have been an iPhone 4S Siri feature…but the easy “hack” is just as fun.

Here is all you need…

1. Twitter Account (if you don’t have that, why the hell are you reading this?)

2. iPhone 4S (with your faithful Siri assistant of course).

The key to the whole set up is pretty easy and just two steps.


On your twitter account there is already a setting to be able to “text” your tweets from a phone number.

You register your phone with Twitter and it knows which account you have (sorry, no multiple twitter accounts yet).

First off, look for this screen in your settings…

Add your phone number and Twitter will text you a code.

Once you input that code, your phone is registered.


Add “Twitter” to your contact list with the phone number 40404 (for US, other countries, check here). The iPhone will convert to 404-04 but that is ok.


Now when you turn on Siri and say “Text Twitter” she will take the message like any other text. But, when she sends it, it goes to the already text enabled Twitter and posts to your account!

Got any other cool Siri hacks? Feel free to share them here!


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