Making Money Online

With all the make money online hype on the Internet have you ever wondered,

“What does it really take to start an online home-based business?”

Well D‘artanian, I could reduce it down to one word, but what would be the fun in that? So let me give you…

Three Steps to Making Money Online…


1.     Create Original Interesting Content

Nobody wants to read what you had for lunch (unless your site is called “What I had for lunch” – then I stand corrected). But seriously, if your site is dedicated to the latest movie releases, don’t talk to me about the latest Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor. I am there to read content that is ON TOPIC.

If you are writing about stuff that is all across the board, it will be hard to tie it all together – and even harder for your prospective audience.

Case in point, is my personal pointless blog. Stuff that I would never put anywhere else. Other than a couple hundred loyal readers, the rest is transient traffic that I have no relationship from which to build an online business.

2.     Engage Your Followers and Be Consistent

Find your voice and speak from the heart. This will inspire people to take action and interact.

When you are fortunate enough to have people engage and leave comments, then be sure you are responding.

This applies even when someone disagrees. Everyone loves a good debate (well, maybe not a Presidential hopeful) but everyone else does.

A debate or exchange of ideas takes two people. If people keep commenting on your site and you don’t respond – consider them gone.

3.     Sell Briefly And With Reason

How often can you sell? My rule, for the most part is that you can sell stuff about 24% of the time. Anything above that and you are just getting annoying. AND only sell things that are relevant to the topic on hand – not the latest bottle water fad that will have you lose 600lbs and look 50 years younger.

“Content, Content, Content, Pitch.” Write that down. Stick to that and you won’t burn your readers (or at least you will only burn readers that were not ever going to buy something from you anyway).

The side benefit is

When you hear all this “Google Banned My Site” crap, you will be fine. Google loves sites that try to help people with original content. Plain and simple. The more you write, the more pages Google is going to index (assuming you set your site up right and they can find you).

So wondering about the one word that explains making money online? VALUE!

If you are delivering VALUE to your readers and visitors, you will be well on your way to starting a bullet proof online home-based business.

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