Selling on the Internet? Create a Buzz First!

So you think you want to launch an Internet product? Well, putting aside all the get-rich-quick-black-hat stuff people keep talking about, if no one has heard of you, then no one will buy from you – it’s pretty simple.

If Apple never marketed any of their items the way they do now, no one would buy their computers, plain and simple.

The have a following. Better yet, an involved and passionate following. And it is something you can build for yourself and Fire Your Boss.

What to do BEFORE you launch a product…

While you will certainly want to market and advertise as soon as your product is released, you will create a BUZZ when you begin to talk about your upcoming launch, long before it happens.

Many people launch first and then try to build. Some get lucky, but most fall on their face.

The products that go to the top of the charts, seemingly out of nowhere, were in progress long before they ever hit the Internet. Guys like Timothy Ferriss (The 4 Hour Workweek*) had people talking about his book before it even come out. *BTW if you haven’t read his book, you really are missing out.

You can do this as well. This will help you get people talking about what you are creating, even before they know what the final product might be.  Many Internet marketing gurus do this.  They keep people in the loop, letting them know about books they are writing BEFORE THEY WRITE THEM.

What does this do?  First of all, this engages the audience and lets them know that something special is coming. It also makes them involved and passionate about your product.

Engage your audience early and the success of your launch will be 75% done. Actually releasing the product will just be a formality – well, that and some revenue.

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