Should You Work For Yourself?

There are two kinds of people in this world; those that can work for themselves, those that can’t, and those that don’t pay attention to details.

Some people are meant to work for themselves and others are not. There is no wrong or right – we are wired differently. So, which one are you?

People that can work for themselves…

You need to be driven, focused, and unwavering.

You also need to be a little “thick skinned.” Many people will often shoot at your opinions or goals. You need to be able to shrug it off and believe in your vision.

That may sound easy, but the criticism is not limited to strangers. Oftentimes your closest loved ones may doubt your vision (especially if it is not profitable yet).

If you are going to work for yourself, you need to be able to adapt…and quickly. A good friend of mine told me one time when one of my business models was drying up, “Fred, sometimes you just need to get a new horse.”

He was right.

When you work for yourself you need to always be on the look out for better ways to do something. Just don’t prematurely abandon a plan because you are over antsy and “need” something to happen fast – you will never see anything to the end in that case.

People that shouldn’t work for themselves…

If you are the kind of person that loses…*squirrel*…focus easily, that may be a problem.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with working for someone else. I don’t care what people say, it doesn’t make you any less of an “entrepreneur.”

Oftentimes people joke about my having a bit of A.D.D. – Admittedly it is not a great quality when working for yourself. I think everyone that starts a business has a bit of it. It is what keeps us coming up with the really good work for yourself  ideas. But great ideas  alone are not the foundation for starting your own business.

Working for someone allows you to have a buffer. Sure, you have a “boss” who is telling you what to do but, theoretically, if you do it, you are in good shape. In some cases the boss can stay between you and some corporate B.S. – allowing you to actually get work done.

You also, for the most part, don’t have to take work home.

I am not talking about some Month End thing, or needing to work a weekend once in awhile. When you work for yourself you will always be working.

Don’t believe the self-employment brochures…the flexibility is nice, but know that the self-employed puts in way more hours than those that work for someone else.

Short on cash? If you need to pay rent next month, this is not the time for your full time venture.

The pressure of needing money can be a good thing. It can also cause you to take unnecessary risks or cut corners. Keep the safety of a paycheck and try your venture part-time.

Think you pay attention to details?

Did you catch the very first paragraph when I said there were “two kinds” of people in this world…but then proceeded to mention three?

If you caught the “error,” good for you!  You are pretty detailed oriented (now get back to work). If you didn’t, no big deal, it doesn’t make you any less of a quality person. It does mean however you are  going to need to surround yourself with some detail-oriented people.

Bottom line…

Working for yourself is a great feeling but it is not for everyone. Take a good look at your resources, time, and personality. Those three will tell you which direction to take.

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