Can Lemonade Help When Starting Your Own Business?

It’s not a pink slip. It’s a blank page.

If you never actually saw the movie Lemonade but did catch the poster, you might get an idea of what is in store for you.

The opportunity to be your own boss.

But perhaps more importantly, follow your passion and control your own financial future.

Some people have the benefit of being able to slowly work into becoming their own boss. Careful planning, years of preparations, and saving up money for the building process.

Then again, that is also the downside.

Many people take too much time planning. They try to read all about starting your own business. So much in fact, they never actually do it. Let me make this very clear…

Your ducks will never be all in a row, the stars are never fully in line, and there’s never a “right time.”

Lemonade documents the layoffs of numerous individuals. All going through the same disbelief and all asking themselves, “What next?”  It is the “next” part that most people will find hopeful and inspiring.

Forget about financial freedom, these people are just looking for a way to survive.

Can you be in survival mode and still follow your passion? Can you be your own boss?

Can you start your own business in an area that is completely new to you?

I think anyone that watches this movie will see that you can.