How Do You Break the Rules?

I had a fascinating conversation with an individual awhile back and they pointed out that my success was because I did things my own way, “breaking the rules,” and took my own path.

They felt I got out of the rat race by ignoring traditional business “rules,” and that others may not be capable of the same path and be able to work from home (or work from anywhere for that matter).

I thought about that for quite some time.

The funny part is, that my successes were obtained not by ignoring the “rules,” but by making sure I knew what they were first.

When I failed at something it was, for the most part, due to taking too many shortcuts. I thought I understood the area I was going into, but I cut corners. Continue reading “How Do You Break the Rules?”

What the Heck is Fire Your Boss?

Imagine your old-school, worn out, 9 to 5, dead end job (and boss) being kicked to the curb because you have done what most people only dream about.

No, I am not talking about winning the lottery. I am talking about becoming truly financially self-sufficient. Providing not only income for you and your family, but a dramatic lifestyle change as well.

This sounds too good to be true

Good point, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First lets talk about what Fire Your Boss is NOT…

It is not a MLM program where you have to hit up your friends to buy magnets or some water found in the Amazon that makes hair grow.

Secondly, this isn’t some veiled attempt to get you to buy some new shiny object. I don’t have a warehouse full of CD’s or books to mail you. Heck, I don’t even have a warehouse!

So, who are you anyway?

My name is Fred Rewey, although friends jokingly call me “Godfadr.” No I am not in the “mob,” matter-of-fact, I am not even Italian; I have just built numerous businesses and created multiple ways to get income. Continue reading “What the Heck is Fire Your Boss?”