The Secret to Not Getting to Page 1 On Google Search.

I couldn’t resist divulging the secrets to making money online and making it to number one on Google – or, more specifically, NOT to number one.

I mean, it is one of the most asked questions, “how can I get on the first page of a Google search. Yet, no one really wants to hear the answer – there are just too many appealing shortcuts.

So, instead of focusing on all the things that you need to do to get some Google love and show up higher in the rankings, let’s talk about what WON’T get you very high up in Google…

Stealing Other People’s Stuff

You can call it a fancy “Article Spinner” all you want. Did you write the material? Nope. Is it anywhere near your voice or style? Nope. Can Google see right through the four words you changed and tried to make it your own? Yep.

They sure sound like a good idea, but you may find it quicker, and much more effective if you just write the stuff yourself.

Writing Crap Content

You know who you are. One day you write about the latest shiny object, the next day you write about…well, another shiny object. All the while loading it up with some affiliate links in hopes of the big payday someone told you about.

Load up a site with nothing more than links to affiliate sites and you will not have to worry about being burdened by staying on page one of Google….you will never make it there for more than a day, if that.

“Flash” Should be Left to the Superheroes

If you are loading up Flash type files on your site, don’t worry; Google has made some big improvements in finding you (and reading your SWF file). Course, most people on your site have probably already moved on.

If someone wanted movies they would have been on Netflix. Save the Flash Programming for the Spike Lee awards.

Take My PLR…Please

PLR, or Private Label Rights, have some awfully tempting shortcuts. I mean who can resist buying 7 bazillion ready-to-go articles for your website? Two Words…Duplicate Content.

Yea, some people will tell you that it is no big deal and that there is duplicate content all over the web – and that is true. But it certainly will not help you get any closer to the first page of Google.  Get some original content already – you know, the kind people want to read.

Cheap Backlinks

Sure, you have seen it. Maybe even purchased them off Fiverr or Odesk. “We will deliver you 10 Gazillion Backlinks to your website for $2.00.” The fact of the matter is that Google doesn’t hate these as much as you just wasted the $2.00 you could have saved for a McRib sandwich.

Look, it is the quality of the backlinks that matter. A single (real) backlink from a quality site is worth thousands of craplinks (is that a word?…is now!).

Now what?

Well, at least now you have a choice. Stick to the plan above and maybe you can make it to the last page of Google.

Start putting into play some real content geared towards really helping readers…well, maybe, just maybe, you will be on page one with the big boys.


Should You Start an Offline or Online Business?

Maybe the idea of being a Wal-Mart greeter or living in a cubicle for the rest of your work career was not part of your plan in high school. Back then you had wings and were ready to fly.

You were ready to take the bull by the horns and not in a rodeo clown sort of way. Heck you may have even thought you could work from home and be your own boss.

Then, you ended up missing a turn somewhere along the career path (surely someone should have sent out a search party). You ended up not quite where you thought you would.

Hey, maybe you have a cool car, or a closet full of the latest fashions – but you are still missing that elusive freedom that comes from working for yourself.

It is not too late!

Starting your own online business is possible.

Let’s get you on track!

So you want to start your own business but not sure whether to go with the standard brick and mortar building or jump on the Internet wave and attempt an online business.

For starters, how do you want to interact with people? Do you want to meet face-to-face or would you prefer to hide behind a computer?

Don’t worry; there is no right or wrong answer. However if you really don’t want to deal with people face-to-face, then an offline brick and mortar empire just might not be for you.

Hey, there are a host of reasons people are attracted to an online home based business. The fact that you can live anywhere and work from home is just a start. Oftentimes you are in control of you work hours. If you are a morning person, you can get up and 5:00am and start knocking out work – no waiting for “traditional” store hours.

But starting your own online business is not for everyone so think carefully if you have the focus to pull it off.

Also remember, in either case, there are no shortcuts (despite what your friends might tell you). There is no quick buck. But, with enough planning and more importantly execution, you can work for yourself one day.

Thinking about an online home based business? Be sure to read Making Money Online for three important steps!

Do You Really Want To Make Money Online?

Let me ask again…Do you really want to make money online?

I hate asking this question because the answer is always the same. However, there is a big difference between answers and actions.

Ask anyone if they want to make extra money and the answer will always be “yes.” (Surprise!)

Ask someone what they are willing to give up to make more money and you will usually get the same look that dogs give you when they cock their head sideways trying to figure something out.

People just don’t want to sacrifice time or money and you have to give up one (or both) to succeed in making money online.

Think you want to make extra money and “work from home?” Let me save you some time…

First off, if you are not willing to spend time learning something new, you will most likely never make more money. Probably sucks to hear it huh? So don’t bother answering, “yes” to the question that you want to make more money – you don’t if you are not willing to sacrifice.

Really. Save yourself the endless aggravation and stress of “wanting” it. Why have the stress if you are never really going to do something about it?

Even filling out a lottery ticket requires some time and, sadly, that is the extent of some peoples attempt to better themselves financially.

If you are not willing to read all you can about a new topic that may help you financially, then move on and just get use to saying, “no, I really don’t want to make any more money…ever.” It may sound odd at first, but I suspect you might get use to it.

Do you have to spend money to make money online?

Look, there are a lot of great products out there that can cut your money-making curve in half and save you a ton of time. And, although there is a lot of free information out there, you are probably going to have to spend a few bucks (but not break the bank or miss a car payment).

I think you can learn just about anything for less than $500.

On the other side of the coin, great programs are buried among millions of idiots that are peddling a bunch of rehashed crap. Your job? Separate the good from the bad. The old, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is not a bad place to start.

That is not to suggest that there are not some great ways to make money out there. But you are going to have to work – so don’t fall for any “make money in your sleep” stuff. There are no shortcuts.

If you are not willing to ever take action, just save yourself some time. If you are not willing to put up some money, some time, or both. Just move on and don’t stress out about making more money…you won’t.