Why You Failed in 2010 and 7 Ways to Make 2011 Different.

Sure, 2010 sucked. The economy sucked. The housing market was lousy. And jobs became tougher to find.

You thought 2010 was your year to break out on your own. Create your own business – an online empire that would yield you income and financial freedom.

But then American Idol had a special, you had to find out what happened on the last season of Lost (and blog about it), and, what is that?… Sarah Palin has a reality show?

Frankly, you blew the year with distractions.

It is easy to do…I mean…distractions are so…well… distracting.

It is so much easier to chat about how Obama is some secret plant by the Soviets sent to destroy America or how Starbucks is adding stuff to their coffee to make people want to buy an accompanying muffin.

Hey, those are much better topics because, frankly, who the hell wants to look within for reasons of not accomplishing your goals?

Dare to peek into the looking glass? Then read on…

Here are the Top 7 reasons 2010 sucked and how you can change all that for 2011.

1.     Get Real – Quit cutting corners looking for some get-rich-quick program or new money-making shiny object with instant riches. There are plenty of ways to be successful but, guess what, they all will take work. Plan on learning about something in 2011. I mean really doing your homework – not just buy some box of CD’s that will sit by your front door until you sell them on eBay six months later.

2.     Email Sucks – If someone sends you any email that says, “Make $1293.23 in two days,” delete it….FAST. Stop reading that crap. Those guys make money by selling the concept of making money. Period. That is it. Do you REALLY think some seven-year-old discovered the secrets of Google and made $10 million dollars on Adsense in her sleep? Get Real and just stick to reading emails from your kid (unless that is who is sending them to you).

3.     Stop doing “work” and start getting results. It is easy to do busy work. Lots of stuff that, at the end of the day, didn’t earn you a dime but feels like you did something. Pretty logo’s, business cards, cute names for your company, color-perfect websites. Before any task, ask yourself, “Will this make me money?” If you can’t answer a big “yes,” in the short term…move on to something that will.

4.     Set a real deadline already. Quit saying something is “in the works” or it will forever be in the works.  When will it be done? Set a deadline (and actual date and time) and tell friends to kick you in the ass if you don’t meet it.

5.     Quit Bitching You Big Baby– The world owes you nothing. Life Sucks…get a helmet. Either do something or don’t do something. But don’t make up a million excuses “why” you couldn’t do something. Some people spend more time making excuses than it would have taken to use that same amount of time to just do the damn thing. Just do it already or quit whining about it.

6.     Stop Twittering, Facebooking, and playing Farmville. – That huge sucking sound in the background when you fire up Facebook is the sound of your life going down the drain. You are not a real farmer and you are not “keeping in touch with your friends” – you are maintaining a narcissistic website all about you (and that is ok if you are a Diva with nothing better to do). Don’t make excuses that social media is anything other than that. Want to talk to a friend? Pick up the frigging phone and call them – it probably automatically forwards to their Facebook account anyway.

7.     Admit that several of these things apply to YOU. I did. It is easy to read this and say, “heck yes, those people are idiots!” In reality, you are probably one of them. Hell, we all are.

So… the best advice I could give that would be all encompassing and get 2011 back on track to your goals…. “Stop it already.”

I hope you have a great 2011. If you don’t, it is probably your own fault.