Should You Work For Yourself?

There are two kinds of people in this world; those that can work for themselves, those that can’t, and those that don’t pay attention to details.

Some people are meant to work for themselves and others are not. There is no wrong or right – we are wired differently. So, which one are you?

People that can work for themselves…

You need to be driven, focused, and unwavering.

You also need to be a little “thick skinned.” Many people will often shoot at your opinions or goals. You need to be able to shrug it off and believe in your vision.

That may sound easy, but the criticism is not limited to strangers. Oftentimes your closest loved ones may doubt your vision (especially if it is not profitable yet).

If you are going to work for yourself, you need to be able to adapt…and quickly. A good friend of mine told me one time when one of my business models was drying up, “Fred, sometimes you just need to get a new horse.”

He was right.

When you work for yourself you need to always be on the look out for better ways to do something. Just don’t prematurely abandon a plan because you are over antsy and “need” something to happen fast – you will never see anything to the end in that case.

People that shouldn’t work for themselves…

If you are the kind of person that loses…*squirrel*…focus easily, that may be a problem.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with working for someone else. I don’t care what people say, it doesn’t make you any less of an “entrepreneur.”

Oftentimes people joke about my having a bit of A.D.D. – Admittedly it is not a great quality when working for yourself. I think everyone that starts a business has a bit of it. It is what keeps us coming up with the really good work for yourself  ideas. But great ideas  alone are not the foundation for starting your own business.

Working for someone allows you to have a buffer. Sure, you have a “boss” who is telling you what to do but, theoretically, if you do it, you are in good shape. In some cases the boss can stay between you and some corporate B.S. – allowing you to actually get work done.

You also, for the most part, don’t have to take work home.

I am not talking about some Month End thing, or needing to work a weekend once in awhile. When you work for yourself you will always be working.

Don’t believe the self-employment brochures…the flexibility is nice, but know that the self-employed puts in way more hours than those that work for someone else.

Short on cash? If you need to pay rent next month, this is not the time for your full time venture.

The pressure of needing money can be a good thing. It can also cause you to take unnecessary risks or cut corners. Keep the safety of a paycheck and try your venture part-time.

Think you pay attention to details?

Did you catch the very first paragraph when I said there were “two kinds” of people in this world…but then proceeded to mention three?

If you caught the “error,” good for you!  You are pretty detailed oriented (now get back to work). If you didn’t, no big deal, it doesn’t make you any less of a quality person. It does mean however you are  going to need to surround yourself with some detail-oriented people.

Bottom line…

Working for yourself is a great feeling but it is not for everyone. Take a good look at your resources, time, and personality. Those three will tell you which direction to take.

Should You Start an Offline or Online Business?

Maybe the idea of being a Wal-Mart greeter or living in a cubicle for the rest of your work career was not part of your plan in high school. Back then you had wings and were ready to fly.

You were ready to take the bull by the horns and not in a rodeo clown sort of way. Heck you may have even thought you could work from home and be your own boss.

Then, you ended up missing a turn somewhere along the career path (surely someone should have sent out a search party). You ended up not quite where you thought you would.

Hey, maybe you have a cool car, or a closet full of the latest fashions – but you are still missing that elusive freedom that comes from working for yourself.

It is not too late!

Starting your own online business is possible.

Let’s get you on track!

So you want to start your own business but not sure whether to go with the standard brick and mortar building or jump on the Internet wave and attempt an online business.

For starters, how do you want to interact with people? Do you want to meet face-to-face or would you prefer to hide behind a computer?

Don’t worry; there is no right or wrong answer. However if you really don’t want to deal with people face-to-face, then an offline brick and mortar empire just might not be for you.

Hey, there are a host of reasons people are attracted to an online home based business. The fact that you can live anywhere and work from home is just a start. Oftentimes you are in control of you work hours. If you are a morning person, you can get up and 5:00am and start knocking out work – no waiting for “traditional” store hours.

But starting your own online business is not for everyone so think carefully if you have the focus to pull it off.

Also remember, in either case, there are no shortcuts (despite what your friends might tell you). There is no quick buck. But, with enough planning and more importantly execution, you can work for yourself one day.

Thinking about an online home based business? Be sure to read Making Money Online for three important steps!

Making Money Online – Should You Quit Your Day Job?

If you are scanning the Internet in search of making money online ideas, you will no doubt find more opportunities than Elvis impersonators in Vegas.

And, like Elvis, we can argue for days of the existence of real opportunities. You know, the ones that actually have money coming IN to your back account as opposed to you lighting up PayPal by purchasing a non-stop wave of shiny objects guaranteed to make you money while you sleep.

You may be tempted to quit everything and jump all in. I respect that, but let’s get you set up correctly before starting your own business.

Quit your day job to start your online empire? – Look, I am thrilled that you saw The Social Network and were amazed at Mark Zuckerberg’s success but here is the deal. He was lucky, smart, and willing to steal part of someone else’s idea. You are not (or at least not all three!).

Start Part-Time. I can’t emphasize this enough. You don’t want full-time income pressure to make money online when you have not even got off the ground yet and learned the rules. Plan on plenty of nights and weekends before you walk into work and deliver that “Take this job and shove it” speech you have been rehearsing for the last 10 years.

Be prepared to learn. – When I say be prepared to “learn” I don’t mean prepare to learn which corners to cut. Sure, there are some things you can do to speed up your success, but there are others that you cannot skip. Many of the top Gurus are scrambling to re-build their business because they took too many shortcuts over the years – some of them are not going to be much ahead of you in starting a “legitimate” online business.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – but it may have fell in one. Hey, you are in it for the long haul (at least I hope). Sure if you have the new hot selling Pet Rock than buy some PPC and hope that you sell all your inventory before you run out of advertising dollars. Till then, build something that will last.

Quit your day job? No. Learn what you can from those that are not trying to sell you stuff every five minutes (by the way, we call that “glitter”).

Now, I am not saying don’t buy anything and I am not saying there is anything wrong with people selling stuff (yes, even I have stuff that I will probably offer you at some point).

But the important part is are you getting valuable free information as well? Is the person passing on info you can use? Do they seem to pass on “real world” info or are they saying you will “make $3,398.23 a day with just a click of a button?”

Anyway, keep your day job until you are making enough money online to then go tell your boss to take a hike! Trust me, it will feel much better when that day comes!

Starting Your Own Business? Work What Matters!

When starting your own business, time is of the essence.

Time is fixed.

Time is fleeting.

Time is the biggest enemy against the entrepreneur.

It is so easy to finish the day, tired, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine – all the while congratulating yourself on the “amount” of work that got done.

It wasn’t until I began evaluating the work completed that I realized that I was falling into the trap of doing busy work and not creating enough meaningful output.

I work from home online and now have four whiteboards in my office. On the first board are projects or tasks that directly impact income. Anything on that board must specifically make extra money. It is the most important board in the room.

The last board has “other stuff.” These items are, for the most part, busy tasks or future online business ideas. For example, redo a banner, websites I want to start, books to write, etc.

The other two boards are dedicated to projects in progress. Maybe not bringing in income today, but the expectation of a good return is in the near future.

Items get added and deleted off boards almost daily. Most of the week I never get past working on tasks on the first board. That is also the way it should be.

Think of it as a fancy “to do” or “priority list.”

For example, I love playing around with website coding and design. Sure I can outsource many of those tasks (and I often do) but I enjoy it. The problem is that it is often not worth my time.

When I am working on something that I feel needs to be tweaked a bit, I have to look at how long it will take me and will it make an [income] difference? If not, I should probably be working on something else.

If you are not using some sort of “priority list” I suggest you start now. Your number one priority should be items that directly affect income. Adding a product, testing a new sales page, writing a sales email, fulfilling customer expectations, building a list, and finding a JV partner.

Everything else should be below that. I mean everything. If you run out of items on your “impact income” list – you better find something…fast.

Want to Make Money Online? Being Smart Sucks!

Being Smart Sucks.

I really feel there are basically two types of people that try to make money online.

1.     People that are smart and

2.     People that are…well…not-so-smart.

The next question is “which one will be successful?” Well, they both have their challenges but it is important to know which one you are…

First off, the not-so-smart person tends to chase every shiny object out there…

“What? I can make $3.4 million dollars in my sleep if I just resell a crappy $7 PLR book 485,715 times. Why that is only selling less than one book per minute – this going to be easy!”

Dream on “short bus” rider.

I hate to break the news to you, but here it goes (you might want to put on your helmet for this).

Nobody makes money that way. Except the guy that sold you the $7 PLR in the first place. Go find something that will require you do a bit of work, and you might be on the right track to finding a home-based business that actually has money coming in.

The “Smart” people are smiling right now. Well, put down the double macchiato and listen up.

You are just as lost when you fall for the LOOOOOOOONG sales page. Being the intellectual type, you are almost easier to sway. When the sales page has really long copy (I mean just short of Atlas Shrugged kind of copy) you think the opportunity must be real. “

“If it wasn’t a real online money-making opportunity, then how could they possibly write this much. And look, there are screenshots of checks and Clickbank accounts; all from a home-based business!”

Please Poindexter. You don’t think these guys have Photoshop and can make it look like whatever they want? They can…and do – just to appease the people that need “proof.”

That said, the other issue the “smart” person runs into is just outright over analysis. At some point you have to pull the trigger already. Save that brain power for making changes later – but don’t let it stop you from never taking action. You will never be 100% ready – get over it.

No matter which category you are in, you both have a positive attribute.

The not-so-smart people are not afraid to jump in early and take risks. The smart people are, well, smart – at least from a business perspective.

Either one can make money online; just make sure you avoid the traps on the path to starting your own business.

What the Heck are PLR Rights?

If you have been trying to create some sort of home based business, you have no doubt found numerous ways to make money online – or at least promises of making money online.

One such way, people will tell you, is to “simply” purchase some PLRs.

PLR stands for “Private Label Right.” Typically someone has written some sort of special report or book on a particular niche topic. Some of these report are very good, and some are, well, not so good.

These reports are sold to hundreds of people – so don’t think you are the only one sitting on that exact same content. Someone else had it long before you did.

So, is working with PLRs right for you?

There are three questions you should consider when deciding if PLRs are good for starting your own business online.

1) Do you care about the content?

A lot of these reports are really, really bad. I mean, if they were suppose to be written in English, some of the writers clearly did not have English as a first language (or second for that matter).

Listen up Dorothy; the other concern is that more often than not, the content itself is really bad. Information that can be found anywhere on the Internet for free. No real tips, no real opinion. Just re-hashed info that probably came from another PLR somewhere.

If you care about what you are delivering, you will probably shy away from most PLR content (and congrats for having some sort of conscience).

2) Do you have an audience?

Do you have traffic or a list that will respond to the PLR? Is it the exact same niche? Don’t sell your “dog training” list on the wonders of working the “forex” market.

Part of online marketing is making sure you are selling what people want. Some people think they can just grab a PLR and create this whole new market. Not likely, and certainly not overnight as some people would have you believe.

3) Can you write or RE-write?

Despite all the negatives about PLR there are some ways they can help get started with your online business ideas. Typically with PLR rights you can also RE-WRITE the article, post, or report.

This gives you the ability to put the report in your own voice and style – make it your own. Not only does this enable you to speak more personally with your readers, you also get the benefit of helping your site rank in the Internet Search Engine results (ie: not duplicate content).

Personally, I like the PLR for ideas but prefer to write articles and content myself. Sometimes it takes me longer to re-write than just take a PLR idea and write it in my own words.

It will take some time, but you can find a few (original content) PLR vendors out there.

There is no doubt you can make money online, and in some cases Private Label Rights just might help you cut a few corners. Just don’t make it the major portion of your business model – you will just burn your audience and have wasted your money.

Looking for how to create a solid, consistent income. Check out Building a Bullet Proof Sales Site (before I sell it as a PLR or something)