How Can You Tell If Online Business Ideas Are Good?

There is no shortage of make money online business ideas and products being pitched out there. Some are good, most are not. When it comes to making extra money or even a full-time income working from home, you need to tread lightly.

But how do I know what is “good?”

Well, I can divide internet hopefuls into four categories…

You are an Idiot. – This category includes any email from a “long-lost” relative who left you 10 million dollars, a “prince” that needs to get his money out of the country and away from some horrible government, and a  “sure thing” diamond mine that just needs $4,000 in start-up capital.

Really Grandma? This stuff is at the top of the scam level. Falling for this means you probably should not have a computer…or a television…or a toaster.

You are nice, but naive. – This category is anything in the “make money surfing the net in your sleep” category. Anything that leads you to believe there will just be a truckload of free stuff coming to your house if you just review the product. Where will you keep all those free plasma televisions?

Did you just move from Kansas Dorothy? No one is going to send you “free” stuff. You don’t make money surfing the net and filing out surveys. That is what monkeys in some distant land can do for free.

You are educated, but not enough – This category includes anything that shows how to make money “automatically” on the Internet. “Yep, just set this CD on top of your computer (you don’t even need to install the program!) and it will automatically build you 5,000 money-making websites. Oh, and I can prove it because here are some screen shots of me making $238,902.23 per day (forget the fact that I own Photoshop and can make it look like whatever I want).”

If you are in this category you watched to many cartoons followed by infomercials. You need to get out more. Some guy has turned the Internet into his own personal ATM and all he wants to do is share it with you? In the old days they would have sold you a bridge.

You are cautiously optimistic. – This is actually where the real money is. You know will have to learn some things and you will probably spend a few bucks to learn the right way. But you also understand that no real business can be built with just a few mouse clicks.

If you need money by this weekend, you probably never made it to this category and already lost your money to Prince Abahula or are still waiting for your “turn-key” websites to kick in. If you made it this far and didn’t fall for the other crap, than you are ready to move forward…

So, how can you tell good online business ideas from bad ones?

1. Check around. Not everything you read on the Internet is true (gasp), but collectively enough of the same comments over and over again will start to gain some traction. Try to find comments and feedback NOT on the site that is selling you something. Also, try and find comments that are not on a side labeled “review” as these sites are often just veiled affiliate sites.

They often say things like “Is ABC Widgets a SCAM?” – Guess what, when your done reading they send you directly to ABC Widgets or another product they like – but oftentimes, you didn’t really get a real “review” of the product.

2. What is your out? Make sure you always have a money back guarantee – and don’t be afraid to ask for your money back if the product was not as advertised*. A 30-60 day time frame to review a product is fairly standard. Anything less and I would consider learning from someone else.

*As a side note, do not be one of those people that keep ordering and refunding even though they know the product was good. That is just lame.

3. Keep it Real. If you keep the moneymaking realistic and also realize that some time will need to be put in to your new venture, you are probably on the right track to building a real online business.

Do You Really Want To Make Money Online?

Let me ask again…Do you really want to make money online?

I hate asking this question because the answer is always the same. However, there is a big difference between answers and actions.

Ask anyone if they want to make extra money and the answer will always be “yes.” (Surprise!)

Ask someone what they are willing to give up to make more money and you will usually get the same look that dogs give you when they cock their head sideways trying to figure something out.

People just don’t want to sacrifice time or money and you have to give up one (or both) to succeed in making money online.

Think you want to make extra money and “work from home?” Let me save you some time…

First off, if you are not willing to spend time learning something new, you will most likely never make more money. Probably sucks to hear it huh? So don’t bother answering, “yes” to the question that you want to make more money – you don’t if you are not willing to sacrifice.

Really. Save yourself the endless aggravation and stress of “wanting” it. Why have the stress if you are never really going to do something about it?

Even filling out a lottery ticket requires some time and, sadly, that is the extent of some peoples attempt to better themselves financially.

If you are not willing to read all you can about a new topic that may help you financially, then move on and just get use to saying, “no, I really don’t want to make any more money…ever.” It may sound odd at first, but I suspect you might get use to it.

Do you have to spend money to make money online?

Look, there are a lot of great products out there that can cut your money-making curve in half and save you a ton of time. And, although there is a lot of free information out there, you are probably going to have to spend a few bucks (but not break the bank or miss a car payment).

I think you can learn just about anything for less than $500.

On the other side of the coin, great programs are buried among millions of idiots that are peddling a bunch of rehashed crap. Your job? Separate the good from the bad. The old, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is not a bad place to start.

That is not to suggest that there are not some great ways to make money out there. But you are going to have to work – so don’t fall for any “make money in your sleep” stuff. There are no shortcuts.

If you are not willing to ever take action, just save yourself some time. If you are not willing to put up some money, some time, or both. Just move on and don’t stress out about making more money…you won’t.

Starting Your Own Home-Based Business? Learn Anything For less Than $500!



On the wake of multi-thousand dollar home based business product launches people wonder, “How much does it cost to learn how to make money online?” Does it really “take money to make money?”

After poking around the Internet, bookstore, and library, I figure you can learn just about any work from home online business for less than $500.

Really Fred? Anything?

Now, when I say “anything” let me respectfully reign in a couple readers and say that I am excluding Doctors and Astronauts. You won’t be doing open heart surgery on the space station at that price point but, just about any home based business can be learned for the same price as going to the movies (assuming popcorn now sells for $400).

The challenge is separating good materials from the bad. A little digging around the Internet can help (as well as some reviews on this site).

But first…

Before you buy anything, make sure you have looked at all the “free stuff” first. You probably won’t be able to learn all the ins and outs just reading free information (most people keep the good stuff in reserve for a product sale – which is more than fair). But you will get a nice head start – maybe even decide it isn’t for you before you get out that credit card and try to make money online.

For example [yes this is a bit self serving but serves as a great example]…

There is a niche called the Private Mortgage Industry (some people call it the “cash flow industry”). I have been involved in it for over 15 years (and still am to this day). It is an industry that enables everyday people to find and refer mortgage notes to investors (and get a nice fee in the process). Although some slimy people out there try to make it sound like you can get rich quick, it really is a business and needs to be treated as such.

I have two main sites for this niche. – has hundreds of articles about the cash flow note business in general. The site is for Investors, Brokers, and Holders of mortgage notes. All the articles on the site are free. – Predominately a training site, but not without free content. There are four “preview” videos people get over a period of a couple days (once they have registered). Upon completion of the free mini-course, people can then go into a full online training program for less than $100.

If you glance at both those sites you will see that there is a lot of information you can get for free. If you had decided that you wanted to move forward, it would cost less than $100 for the training. We are still well below the $500 limit that I believe you can learn anything.

Taking the Next Step

Whatever type of home based business are looking for, be sure not to cut corners. Find a professional training (not just hype) by people that actually do the business. I prefer live or video trainings vs. a box full of materials. I also look for some way to interact with the trainers so I can ask questions.

You can learn to make extra money from home; you just don’t need to break the bank getting set up.

Want to Make Money Online? Being Smart Sucks!

Being Smart Sucks.

I really feel there are basically two types of people that try to make money online.

1.     People that are smart and

2.     People that are…well…not-so-smart.

The next question is “which one will be successful?” Well, they both have their challenges but it is important to know which one you are…

First off, the not-so-smart person tends to chase every shiny object out there…

“What? I can make $3.4 million dollars in my sleep if I just resell a crappy $7 PLR book 485,715 times. Why that is only selling less than one book per minute – this going to be easy!”

Dream on “short bus” rider.

I hate to break the news to you, but here it goes (you might want to put on your helmet for this).

Nobody makes money that way. Except the guy that sold you the $7 PLR in the first place. Go find something that will require you do a bit of work, and you might be on the right track to finding a home-based business that actually has money coming in.

The “Smart” people are smiling right now. Well, put down the double macchiato and listen up.

You are just as lost when you fall for the LOOOOOOOONG sales page. Being the intellectual type, you are almost easier to sway. When the sales page has really long copy (I mean just short of Atlas Shrugged kind of copy) you think the opportunity must be real. “

“If it wasn’t a real online money-making opportunity, then how could they possibly write this much. And look, there are screenshots of checks and Clickbank accounts; all from a home-based business!”

Please Poindexter. You don’t think these guys have Photoshop and can make it look like whatever they want? They can…and do – just to appease the people that need “proof.”

That said, the other issue the “smart” person runs into is just outright over analysis. At some point you have to pull the trigger already. Save that brain power for making changes later – but don’t let it stop you from never taking action. You will never be 100% ready – get over it.

No matter which category you are in, you both have a positive attribute.

The not-so-smart people are not afraid to jump in early and take risks. The smart people are, well, smart – at least from a business perspective.

Either one can make money online; just make sure you avoid the traps on the path to starting your own business.

What is Kajabi? Will It Help Me Make Money Online?

As if “making money online” was not a hot enough subject in its own right, this week Internet marketers saw the first preview of Kajabi (software designed to help you sell just about anything online).

So is it real or just hype? First, let’s back up for just a minute.

Despite what just about everyone will tell you, making money online does require some work. You can’t just build a web page in 30 seconds and watch the cash come rolling in (sorry to break it to you). With that said, you can create great passive income with a few things in place.

1.     Pick a Niche – Don’t go after the “whole enchilada” as they say. If you are interested in the Weight Loss category, pick a segment of it. Something like, “How to eat a proper breakfast to help you lose weight.” A small niche helps you get through to more, targeted, people in the long run. Continue reading “What is Kajabi? Will It Help Me Make Money Online?”

Selling on the Internet? Create a Buzz First!

So you think you want to launch an Internet product? Well, putting aside all the get-rich-quick-black-hat stuff people keep talking about, if no one has heard of you, then no one will buy from you – it’s pretty simple.

If Apple never marketed any of their items the way they do now, no one would buy their computers, plain and simple.

The have a following. Better yet, an involved and passionate following. And it is something you can build for yourself and Fire Your Boss.

What to do BEFORE you launch a product… Continue reading “Selling on the Internet? Create a Buzz First!”

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying?

Excitement and motivation are always at the highest level when first starting a new venture. This is particularly true when starting your own home-based business and get out of the rat race.

I have discovered three areas to keep an eye on to help make sure your path avoids common pitfalls…

1. Avoid Life’s Inertia

You may have already experienced this after starting your business. You set goals with great intentions but find yourself sidetracked by normal day-to-day life situations (work, taking care of the kids, taking care of the spouse, grocery shopping, going out to dinner, etc, etc).

Expect it. Know that it will happen and plan around it. Making a change for the positive is always tough. Making time can sometimes be really tough. Continue reading “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying?”

How Do You Break the Rules?

I had a fascinating conversation with an individual awhile back and they pointed out that my success was because I did things my own way, “breaking the rules,” and took my own path.

They felt I got out of the rat race by ignoring traditional business “rules,” and that others may not be capable of the same path and be able to work from home (or work from anywhere for that matter).

I thought about that for quite some time.

The funny part is, that my successes were obtained not by ignoring the “rules,” but by making sure I knew what they were first.

When I failed at something it was, for the most part, due to taking too many shortcuts. I thought I understood the area I was going into, but I cut corners. Continue reading “How Do You Break the Rules?”

What the Heck is Fire Your Boss?

Imagine your old-school, worn out, 9 to 5, dead end job (and boss) being kicked to the curb because you have done what most people only dream about.

No, I am not talking about winning the lottery. I am talking about becoming truly financially self-sufficient. Providing not only income for you and your family, but a dramatic lifestyle change as well.

This sounds too good to be true

Good point, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First lets talk about what Fire Your Boss is NOT…

It is not a MLM program where you have to hit up your friends to buy magnets or some water found in the Amazon that makes hair grow.

Secondly, this isn’t some veiled attempt to get you to buy some new shiny object. I don’t have a warehouse full of CD’s or books to mail you. Heck, I don’t even have a warehouse!

So, who are you anyway?

My name is Fred Rewey, although friends jokingly call me “Godfadr.” No I am not in the “mob,” matter-of-fact, I am not even Italian; I have just built numerous businesses and created multiple ways to get income. Continue reading “What the Heck is Fire Your Boss?”