Three Sheets of Paper That Can Help You Make Money Online

Ok, I will be the first to admit, I get distra….ok, I am back (see what I mean?). Anyway, much like a lot of people who do Internet Marketing or try to make money online, sometimes I start getting distracted by the small stuff.

For example, I love doing stuff in Photoshop. Banners, images, logos, whatever.

The problem is much of that stuff will not really make me more money. I might see an “older” banner on one of my sites and think, “hey, I can improve that!” – An hour later I have a much better looking banner, but did it really get me more income?

Have you ever worked your butt off for an entire day and not have anything, monetarily, to show for it?

My guess is you are like me and have a focus issue.

You mean well. You are a hard worker. You are just not focusing on the right stuff! Yes, talking to you chase-every-shiny-object-guy (or girl)!

So, here is the secret of how I stay focused throughout the day.

I have three large sheets of paper on the wall. You know, the kind you can get at Office Depot or Staples; they are pretty much large Post-it notes.

Here is the breakdown of what goes on each one…

Sheet One: ONLY items that will directly effect getting income.

This can be anything from sending out an email (selling a product, affiliate link, or launching a program) to creating a website that has some sort of immediate income associated with it.

Sheet Two: Items that will, at some point in the near future, make money online.

This is where I like to have sites that are “marinating.” They will be used at some point in the near future but not currently full time. They need a theme, content, and to begin building a list (but not yet selling anything).

This is where some a/b testing might go (although some people would argue it needs to be on sheet one – and that is fair assuming the project is already up and making some money).

Sheet Three: The kitchen sink.

This is where I have a million ideas that need a lot of work. Frankly, my banner example should be in here.

For existing items I can ask myself, “Is it good enough?” – if yes, it stays on sheet three with no chance of parole – there are just more important things to work on.

So how does the day go?

Look at Sheet One. Is everything checked off as “done?” If not, you don’t get to leave that sheet.

Don’t start your day on Sheet Three or Sheet Two – Those things don’t make money online – at least not right now.

Yes, there is always an exception…

Exception: Hey, I believe in taking a break and that you can only spend so many hours “working.” I hope you love what you are doing. If not, you should probably be doing something else. So, on “weekends” or a “lunch break” play with the items on Sheet Three – they are your future – just don’t live you entire work career in the future – you will never make it without getting real stuff done today!

Find an empty wall somewhere (visible from where you sit) and try it out. You may be amazed how three sheets of paper and a little awareness to your workflow might just bring you to the next level!

[I originally did this as a guest post, with video, for a fellow Internet Marketer named Joey Kissimmee. Thought it was worth sharing here – enjoy and feel free to ask questions or leave comments]

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