What the Heck are PLR Rights?

If you have been trying to create some sort of home based business, you have no doubt found numerous ways to make money online – or at least promises of making money online.

One such way, people will tell you, is to “simply” purchase some PLRs.

PLR stands for “Private Label Right.” Typically someone has written some sort of special report or book on a particular niche topic. Some of these report are very good, and some are, well, not so good.

These reports are sold to hundreds of people – so don’t think you are the only one sitting on that exact same content. Someone else had it long before you did.

So, is working with PLRs right for you?

There are three questions you should consider when deciding if PLRs are good for starting your own business online.

1) Do you care about the content?

A lot of these reports are really, really bad. I mean, if they were suppose to be written in English, some of the writers clearly did not have English as a first language (or second for that matter).

Listen up Dorothy; the other concern is that more often than not, the content itself is really bad. Information that can be found anywhere on the Internet for free. No real tips, no real opinion. Just re-hashed info that probably came from another PLR somewhere.

If you care about what you are delivering, you will probably shy away from most PLR content (and congrats for having some sort of conscience).

2) Do you have an audience?

Do you have traffic or a list that will respond to the PLR? Is it the exact same niche? Don’t sell your “dog training” list on the wonders of working the “forex” market.

Part of online marketing is making sure you are selling what people want. Some people think they can just grab a PLR and create this whole new market. Not likely, and certainly not overnight as some people would have you believe.

3) Can you write or RE-write?

Despite all the negatives about PLR there are some ways they can help get started with your online business ideas. Typically with PLR rights you can also RE-WRITE the article, post, or report.

This gives you the ability to put the report in your own voice and style – make it your own. Not only does this enable you to speak more personally with your readers, you also get the benefit of helping your site rank in the Internet Search Engine results (ie: not duplicate content).

Personally, I like the PLR for ideas but prefer to write articles and content myself. Sometimes it takes me longer to re-write than just take a PLR idea and write it in my own words.

It will take some time, but you can find a few (original content) PLR vendors out there.

There is no doubt you can make money online, and in some cases Private Label Rights just might help you cut a few corners. Just don’t make it the major portion of your business model – you will just burn your audience and have wasted your money.

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