What is Kajabi? Will It Help Me Make Money Online?

As if “making money online” was not a hot enough subject in its own right, this week Internet marketers saw the first preview of Kajabi (software designed to help you sell just about anything online).

So is it real or just hype? First, let’s back up for just a minute.

Despite what just about everyone will tell you, making money online does require some work. You can’t just build a web page in 30 seconds and watch the cash come rolling in (sorry to break it to you). With that said, you can create great passive income with a few things in place.

1.     Pick a Niche – Don’t go after the “whole enchilada” as they say. If you are interested in the Weight Loss category, pick a segment of it. Something like, “How to eat a proper breakfast to help you lose weight.” A small niche helps you get through to more, targeted, people in the long run.

2.     Deliver Quality Information – Don’t just throw up some crappy 12-page pdf report and expect to sell it for $100. People want quality information and are willing to pay for it. Over delivering is the new Internet model.

3.     Build a List – Whatever website you have, Kajabi or otherwise, you need to build a list of fans. Give them something. A special report, free tips, a training video. Something that gets them to sign up for your mailing list. Once they are on the list, keep giving them valuable information.

4.     Be Passionate – It may sound trite, but if you are only in it for the money, you probably won’t be able to sell. Pick a niche that you are truly passionate about – something that speaks to you and you want everyone to know about. The sales will come later.

5.     Be Consistent – People have a short attention span. You need to “keep the goods” coming. Plan on writing, or passing on, new information 3-4 times per week – especially if you are in the “list building” stage.

With those five things in mind, the Kajabi marketing platform may just be the ticket to creating a quality program just like the big guys.

I was fortunate enough to beta test Kajabi for several months and will certainly be first in line to buy it. I actually did a walk through of Kajabi over at KajabiReviews.com if you want to learn more (or you can just go to the official launch video).

Kajabi is not a magic bullet if you were hoping to not do any work and get-rich-quick. However, if you are looking to put in some effort, Kajabi just be the thing that elevates you to a higher level.

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5 thoughts on “What is Kajabi? Will It Help Me Make Money Online?”

  1. I am enthusiastic to find out from people have signed up for Kajabi, and learn what their experiences have already been thus far.

    Would it be as simple and easy to implement as they claim it really is?

    Can you endorse the Kajabi platform to others? I’d personally seriously want to get feedback from the “average” people out there.

    1. I like it. It has also come a long way since the launch with new features being added all the time. You will find some more info over at KajabiReviews.com

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